Al-Andalus Property announces the latest developments on the temporary lockdown of malls (fully opened, all activities return to normal).

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Introduction With reference to the Company’s announcement published on Tadawul on June 7, 2020G, and the earlier announcements relating to the temporary & partial lockdown of malls, in line with the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom as part of its efforts to limit the spread of Corona virus.

And pursuant to the government statement issued on June 20, 2020G on lifting the curfew completely in all regions and cities of the Kingdom and allowing all economic and commercial activities to return back to normal, while considering the instructions given therein.

Accordingly, Al-Andalus Property announces that all of its malls and commercial centres, including those of its affiliates & subsidiaries, are fully opened, according to their respective normal working hours, including all business activities therein, such as beauty salons, entertainment centres, cinemas etc. which were suspended for public safety purposes , provide that, all precautionary measures set out in the said government statement are observed, including adherence to all adopted preventive protocols.

Wishing you all healthiness and safety

Previous Announcement (Jeddah Malls opening hours amended)
Date of Previous Announcement on Tadawul's Website 2020-06-07 Corresponding to 1441-10-15
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